Powered stairclimber in
steel for loads up to 310 kg.

Stairs used to be a major hurdle for transporting heavy goods; sometimes several people had to handle objects up and down stairs, which often presented a high risk of back injury. That was until the introduction of LIFTKAR.

LIFTKAR MTK: easy to operate and ideal for a wide range of applications
The heart of the hand truck - the electric lifting system with drive crank - is controlled using electronic switches integrated into the right-hand grip. A sliding clutch protects the hand truck from mechanical overload. Double handles and a folding frame provide optimum control of the load in every position. A practical quick-change battery unit is included. In order to ensure uninterrupted use, the battery can also be charged quickly in any location using a special charger for in-transit use.

for loads up to 310 kg for loads up to 310 kg
even spiral staircases even spiral staircases
easy operation and smooth movement easy operation and smooth movement

8 unbeatable advantages
to convince you


up to 310 kg


effortless, safe and quick up and down almost any steps (even spiral staircases)


easy operation; smooth movement


steel construction for maximum robustness


easy to operate and ideal for a wide range of applications


sliding clutch for mechanical overload protection


quick-change battery unit and optional in-transit battery charger for continous operation


automatic brake for safe and controlled handling




Even bulky goods such as cases, stoves, safes and vending machines with a weight of up to 310 kg are not a problem for this one. An additional automatic brake is fitted as standard to the main wheels to guarantee safe and controlled handling of heavy loads.


The MTK 310's faster brother for charges up to 190 kg. Supplied without brakes as standard, although these can be retrofitted if required

electric stairclimber in steel - LIFTKAR MTK

The LIFTKAR MTK stairclimbers
in daily situations

Effortless transport of heavy loads by only one person with the LIFTKAR MTK powered stairclimber.
The LIFTKAR MTK powered stairclimber on stairs.
Full power for heavy loads - the LIFTKAR MTK powered stairclimber.
The LIFTKAR MTK powered stairclimber with the climbing unit folded out.
Technical data

The LIFTKAR MTK stairclimbers
in facts and figures

  MTK310 MTK190
Load capacity 310 kg 190 kg
Climbing speed 8-9 steps / min 16-18 steps / min
Battery capacity 100 Stufen 170 Stufen
Weight 35 kg 32 kg
Weight of battery unit 5,5 kg 5,5 kg
Maximum step height 210 mm 210 mm
Total height 1620 mm 1520 mm
Height with top section folded 1100 mm 1100 mm
Main wheels

260 x 85 mm

ball bearings 

260 x 85 mm

ball bearings 

Width of frame 380 mm 380 mm
Width of clearance 580 mm 510 mm
Depth without toe plate 580 x 300 mm 510 x 300 mm
Depth of toe plate 195 mm 195 mm


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